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Can Your Organization Survive an IRS Audit?

Is your organization taking steps to avoid the possibility of an IRS audit? If your organization is chosen for an audit, do you know what to do to ensure that the process goes as smoothly and quickly as possible? In the current political environment, it pays to be prepared. Audits can consume vast resources and imperil a nonprofit organization's ability to function through the process. There are some practical things

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IRS Audits – For More Information

The following links will guide you to additional information on IRS audits of nonprofit organizations: Exempt Organizations – Help from the IRS IRS Annual Audit Plans IRS Audit Technique Guides IRS Charity and Nonprofit Audits IRS Electronic Reading Room IRS Stay Exempt Website IRS Tax Exempt and Government Entities Issue Snapshots IRS Tax Forum Seminars

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IRS Investigations

Events May 8 Webinar: IRS Audits of Nonprofits - How to Avoid or Prepare Resources Guide - IRS Audits: How to Avoid or Prepare IRS Rejects Complaint Against Doctors Without Borders for its Medical Work in Gaza Date: October 24, 2018 In late August 2018 the Zionist Advocacy Center (TZAC), which is spearheading legal tactics aimed at NPOs working in Palestine, announced via

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What to Do if the Government Knocks on Your Door

Events June 16 Webinar: Government Investigations: How to Protect Your Organization  Webinar - Government Investigations: How to Protect Your Organization Event Date: June 16, 2017 Nonprofits can be negatively impacted by government investigations, whether they are the target or not. Law enforcement may show up at the office demanding to interview staff and take documents or computer records. Donors, volunteers, board members and staff may be

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Steps You Can Take to Protect Yourself

Events April 5 Webinar: Steps My Organization Can Take to Protect Itself Resources Infographic - Protecting Your Nonprofit: Essential Steps Guide - Rapid Response Plans for NPOs: Political Attacks and Government Investigations RoadMap - Weathering the Storms: Preparing For and Beating Back Opposition Attacks

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Webinar – Congressional Investigations: Could Your Nonprofit Organization Be Next?

Earlier this year, a House of Representatives Committee sent letters to a handful of nonprofits, accusing them of acting as foreign agents. In the wake of this attempt to stifle constitutionally protected speech, nonprofits are wondering what powers Congress has to investigate organizations, what nonprofits can do in the event that they become the subject of one, and how these attacks can be neutralized. View the Recording

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InterAction’s New Disinformation Toolkit

A new toolkit from InterAction takes nonprofits through the steps to protect themselves from disinformation online. The Disinformation Toolkit provides a list of terms, a discussion of disinformation's effect on civil society and case studies. The toolkit walks organizations through the steps necessary to be prepared for disinformation, including identifying risk, developing a risk mitigation plan, including a chart on the advantages and disadvantages of countering this type of information, and

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IRS Audits: How to Avoid or Prepare

This six-page guide is part of the Charity & Security Network's Know Your Rights series, designed to create a defensive shield for nonprofits in the current political environment. (Please note that the links in the images below are not active, but active links are available in the PDF version of this guide. See below.) Click here for a printable PDF of this guide with active links to the relevant background documents and websites.

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Save the Date: Webinar – Are My Peacebuilding Activities Permissible?

The 2010 Supreme Court ruling in Holder v. Humanitarian Law Project had a chilling effect on peacebuilders working abroad and left practitioners worrying that their work might run afoul of US counterterrorism law. Seven years later, many of those same questions persist, but there are guideposts. Mark your calendars for an informative webinar: Tuesday, October 17 View the recording  George Foote, a lawyer with Dorsey, serves as outside general counsel to the

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