Protect Civil Society from Counterterrorism

This won’t be hard. I promise. 1.       Countries must take concrete steps to enable individuals to promote and protect human rights and

Protect Civil Society from Counterterrorism2019-04-15T04:23:28-04:00

What Happens in New York …

It has been said of the UN that “what happens in Geneva stays in Geneva.” But what about New York? Fionnuala Ní

What Happens in New York …2019-04-15T03:35:37-04:00

London Calling

London Calling I’m a child of the 80s, and The Clash is still a vital part of my playlist. Recently, I had

London Calling2019-04-15T03:43:08-04:00

If it Ain’t Broke …..

As the old saying goes, if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. The spokesman for the “let’s-shut-down-U.S.-charities-because-they’re-conduits-for-terror-finance” school of thought has been

If it Ain’t Broke …..2019-04-15T03:45:35-04:00

Freedom of Assembly? Think Again

One of the greatest freedoms enshrined in our Constitution is the freedom of people to peacefully assemble, to march, to air their

Freedom of Assembly? Think Again2019-04-15T03:54:16-04:00
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